Library Members

The college library processes a rich collection of text,general and refrence books in all the subjects totaling 36290 as on 31 Dec.2013.The details of the books housed in the library are as under:
Science Commerce Arts Total
14912 5795 15583 36290

Besides.The library Subscribes to the following journals and Newspapers.

Journals News Papers
India Today Out Look Indian Express
Science Reporter Junior Science Reporter Economic Times
Employment Sports Star Times of India
News Week Times Magzine Alsafa {Urdu}
Electronics For You Physics For Today Srinagar Times {Urdu}
Biology For you Chemistry For Today Kashmir Times
Reader's Digest Huda {Urdu} Aftab {Urdu}
Mathematics For Today Business Standard
Science Ki Duniya Greater Kashmir

The following are the entitled to enrol themselves as members of the library:

  • Students and teachers of the college.
  • Administrative staff of the college.


  • The Library shall remain open on all working days from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • The Issue and the Return Counters,however,shall be closed two hours before closing the library.
  • Personal bags, books,boxes,sticks,umberellas and such other items shall not be allowed to take inside the library.
  • Silence shall be strictiy observed in the library.
  • Spitting and Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Borrowers shall satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before he/she leaves the issuing counter.
  • A student shall have to replace the damage /Injured books or other property caused by him/her or make payment for the value thereof under rules.
  • A student who loses a his/her Identity Card shall make a written report to the Principal or Librarian.A duplicate Identity Card shall be issued on payment under rules. He shall be required to sign an indemnity bond and shall be responseible for the misuse of the lost Identity Card.
  • The reference book, rare books,periodicals/journals are not issued.However,the same can be studied inthe College Reference/Reading room.
  • Books on the loan shall be returned at the expiry of fourteen days from the date of issue. Students who failed to return books on due date shall be fined 1.00per day.