Calender Of Events

Calender Of Events Bemina

Education is incomplete if it does not lead to the all-round development of the learners .along with curriculum oriented learning ,the students have thereof ,to be so moulded as to make them physically as well as intellectually viable social uits so that they serve as corner stone for a strong ,healthy and better society.It is in the backdrop that student sensitization programmes on current and crucial social issues , an esssential component of co-curricullar activities -is concerned an important ingredent of academics for the life and vitality of an educational institution.

           The intellectual maturity is posible when ,during the course of educatiional process , the students are oriented to be live to the socio-cultural interventions having a bearing on the over all social structure .besides providding an oppurtunity for scanning the broader environment and affecting a warranted change there in , the arrangement for the creativity of the youth to contribute to such environmental dynamism and make them change agents and trend setters.
           Accordingly the following co-curricular activities shall take place in the college during the current session.

Activity Org.Comtt/Deptt. Day/Week
  • Admission process for                  B.A/B.Sc/B.Com,Ist year ,2nd year &3rd year(DELAYED DUE TO FLOODS)
Admission committee 3rd -4th week
  • Academic career counseelling
Career counselling cell 4th week
  • Reopening of the college
Ist March
  • Faculty council Meeting
Ist week
  • World Abror Day
NCC/NSS Volunteers 2Ist March
  • World Disabled Day
NSS Volunteers 3rd Sunday
  • Enrolment of Nss Volunteers
  • Formation of Activity Groups
Deans of Faculties Ist week
  • Enrolment of NCC Cadets
NCC office Ist 
  • Inter College Quiz
Faculty wise 3rd week
  • Celebration of 'No Tobacco Day
NSS 3Ist May
  • Cultural Programmes
Cultural Committee Ist week
  • College Outing
Excursion Committee 2nd week
  • Environment week celebration
NSS/Eco Club 2nd week
  • Book Exhibition
Library 3rd week
  • Campus Cleaning Drive
NSS 3rd week
  • Round Table 
    (Post Accrediation :faculty/Students Response)
IQAC 4th week
  • Botanical Subject Tour
Department of Botany Ist week
  • Historical Subject Tour
Department of Botany Ist week
  • Business Study Tour
Department of Commerce and Management 2nd week
  • Educational Study Tour
Department of Education 2nd week
  • zoological Subject Tour
Department of Zoology 2nd week
  • Inter Faculty Debate
Faculty wise 3rd week
  • Hygiene Awareness Programm
Faculty of Bio-Science 4th week
  • Performance Review Meet
College Committee 4th week
  • Parents-Teachers Meet
IQAC Ist week
  • Inter-college Symposium
Debating Committee Ist week
  • NSS Camp
NSS Ist weeek
  • Alumni Meet
GDBAA 2nd weeek
  • Annual Day
Debating/Cultural Committee 3rd week
  • In-House Tests
Teaching Departments 3rd week
  • Blood Donation Camp
NSS 4th week
  • campus cleaning
  • resumption of PG Classes only
  • Resumption of Classwork
  • Extension Lectures World AIDS Day
NSS/Debating Committee Ist week
  • Awareness Programme: World Disabled Day
NSS/Debating Committee 2nd Week.
Ist week
  • Extension Lectures
NSS/Department of Poltical Science 3rd week.